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Own An Asset that Creates Health and Wealth

Franchising with Juiceheads ATL Means You Will NOT Have To:

Develop Logos, Trademarks and Build the BrandCome up with Competitive Recipes

Find Vendors, Suppliers and the Right EquipmentCreate Processes or Training

The Best Franchise Partners Will:


Verify $200K minimum in liquid capital or capital funding qualification


Have a genuine interest in the value of offering a healthier lifestyle


Agree to uphold product and customer service quality standards 


Schedule  time required to receive training and  operate the location for success


Agree to effectively lead a team of individuals to execute store opening and operation


Participate in the selection process from the available cities and locations

About the Process

To get things started:

  • We will ask you to complete the 

Expression of Interest Form

  • We will contact you via email and schedule a call.  Initial information will be gathered from you and more franchise detail will be provided.  (This is an investment.  The franchise fee is $45,000 with a buildout of $120K to $240K for a 1000-1500 square foot location).  Cost will depend on location lease/purchase rates and buildout options.

  • Making the process of opening a franchise more transparent and trustworthy by providing your information will allow us to proceed with confidence.  Be prepared to present business and personal financial information early in the process. 

  • Once both parties are satisfied with background information, we will begin franchise detail disclosure.  There will be a minimum two-week period for you to review with your team.  After the review is complete, a meeting with our legal team will be conducted for signatures and financial exchanges.

  • Let's get started.  Complete the form or email your contact information to our team at

Meet the Owners

a man and a woman standing in a kitchen

Hi! We're James and Larissa Cato.

**Join the Juiceheads ATL Family: Transform Health and Wealth with Us**

Are you ready to invest in a thriving industry with a market size projected to hit $4 billion by 2029? At Juiceheads ATL, we’ve turned our passion for health and fitness into a successful business that weathered the storms of 2019-2021 without closing a single day. While many businesses folded, we thrived—and now we want to share our blueprint for success with you.

Juiceheads ATL is not a juice bar; it’s a community dedicated to healthier living. We’ve built a strong, recognizable brand in Atlanta and a loyal client base that values the positive impact of high-quality foods on their lives and the planet. Our market has low concentration, with the top four companies generating less than 40% of industry revenue, meaning there's ample opportunity for new players like you.

Imagine the possibilities:

- You and your friends form an LLC and purchase a franchise together.

- Your spouse gifts the family a franchise, turning health into wealth.

- You diversify your investment portfolio with a franchise that provides steady profits and a probable boost to your image.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, sharing our knowledge and plans to expand within and beyond Atlanta. Once you decide to make a lucrative and meaningful investment, fill out the form or send us an email. Let's discuss how you can join our tribe of business owners and help more people live not only longer, but stronger.

We can’t wait to meet you.

See what our clients say about their experience at Juiceheads ATL:

a dining room table

Google: 4.6  Facebook: 4.7   Yelp: 4.4  Travelocity: 5.0

We are excited to make every customer a long-time client. You can have the same feedback when your team completes our Manager and Team training that's included with the franchising package!

"~*OMG what a dope find in Atlanta!!! Excellent herbal tea selections, tastings and smells!

The juice was so good. They have a super kewl little chill lounge in the back. Love it!*~"

R. Robertson

"All I’m going to say is the Avocado toast is fire!!! I’ve had all kinds of avocado toast from all over the country and outside the country. This place right here set it off. I wasn’t in the mood for it when I ordered but I was trying to put something in my stomach that wasn’t junk food. I’m so happy I did! The vibe is great, customer service top notch. They were about to close too and they wasn’t rolling their eyes when I walked in- y’all know how ppl be at closing time lol my smoothie was good too. Now I will go back and try the veggie burger next lol."

A. Meadows

"Everything from the ambiance, the food, the drinks (juices, smoothies, Chakra teas), design, and the people that work there exude all love and light! Yes, yes, yes! Go there without question! Vegan friendly as well. Go there for good sprinkling of a spiritual experience or good food, or both! Brain food and spirit food. Do it."

Interested? Fill out here!