Imagine waking up with the energetic body that your ideal version of yourself.

Imagine making it through your day at work and still having plenty of energy to pursue your side hustle at night.

This guide will show you how to do it and save money at the same time.

I have used fruit to clear my skin, increase energy, improve my focus, and maintain my youth well into my 40's.

Now I'm sharing how I do it.

"I do not judge my past because it is full of lessons and wisdom."

I was such a cute lush in my 30's., but my habits were not aligned with good health.

  • Do you find yourself eating 'right' for three days then binging?

  • Are you not seeing progress from your workouts despite a change in eating habits?

  • Have you been unsuccessful with fasting?

That is until my pre-teen son began bringing home knowledge from his middle-school African enrichment program, and telling me how the eating habits of western society was damaging our DNA.  Standing in my kitchen questioning my southern food traditions, he was risking his whole life.  

"Boy, you better get out of here and let me finish cooking my pork chops".

But at some point, we have to do the right thing for ourselves and our families.

So I bit the bullet and changed the family's eating habits.  Despite the change, I experienced what I hear many of my clients say:

"I just can't maintain this.  It's hard.  I crave stuff all the time."

30's and Early 40's

This guide will show you how to use fruit to reduce your cravings for food that keep you from reaching and maintaining your desired eating habits.

Late 40's

It could be the one thing that gets you directly to your health goals.

"Here's the magic of it all:  Each time I did a fruit fast, I gained mental clarity and lost the desire to eat fast food, soul food, fried foods, and sweet drinks.  It was crazy."

It's been five years and many fasts later, and I want to see who else wants to take on the challenge of eating meals as if you lived in the forests of the tropics.  Picking the fruit from trees and eating until you're full.  Committing to this at every meal for a few days.  Using this fast from all cooked foods to give your digestive system a break, and assisting your other systems to kick in and cleanse.


eBook Cover.png

This guide is for you if:

  • You want to do a fast but don't know how or what to buy

  • You're frustrated because you're working out but keep eating the things that are reversing the workouts

  • You feel like you can't afford to buy the healthy foods needed to fast

  • You don't know where to go to shop

No matter what the trainers said, or the blogs/articles stated, I remained in this insanity, until I got rid of food addictions through fasting,   This cycle wasted my money, spent my time, and it gave me temporary results.

This guide could be the game-changer for you as it was for me.  It could be the catalyst that moves you from the cycle of progress gain/loss that I experienced.

"OPEN - A Guide to Using Fruit to Cleanse"

is 22 pages packed with information including:

How to Get Started 

Where to Shop in Atlanta (with addresses)

What to Buy and How to Spend Less

The Benefits of Each Fruit

The Impact of Juicing

Meal Planning and Timing

Some Common Experiences with Fasting


"Open - A Guide to Using Fruit to Cleanse in Atlanta"

  • The 50th buyer will receive a  one-day juice cleanse (5 organic juices) from Juiceheads ATL.

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  • The 500th buyer will receive a FREE OMEGA JUICER* ($400 value)

*store pickup required

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