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You want to eat clean.  You may be doing Meatless May.

We want to help.


Our JBurger is a true plant based burger, handmade and delivered to our shop.  

What's in it?

Quinoa, brown rice, lentils, carrots, onions, spinach, chia seeds, gluten-free flour, non-GMO gluten free tamari.  That's it.

It's oven cooked with olive oil for the perfect texture that will fill you and keep you on target with your health goals.

It's wrapped in local aquaponic lettuce and stuffed with fresh cut tomatoes, pickles and onion.  Topped off with blueberry sriracha BBQ sauce and ketchup.

Vegan.  Plant-based. Gluten-free. Bunless.  Organic.

But most of all, delicious. 

Grab the coupon for $1 off.  Valid until May 31, 2019.